Oh man. Ohm man. Not many Prada handbags leave me absolutely speechless — or wordless, if you prefer — because of how mind boggling bad they are. And then there was the Prada Leather Bags. In cream? Seriously? They still make accessories in cream? Why? Really, how come? Does anyone have any answers? Yeah … neither do I.


I have another dirty secret for you too: I actually like the Olsen twins.  Strangely, I hated them on Full House after they learned to talk (baby Michelle, however, was adorable; I didn’t start disliking the tiny tots until that frigging “You got it, dude!” catch phrase caught on), but I have to say, as adults I think they’re both beautiful.  I like one of them better, I can never quite remember which one it is though.  Heck, it might be this one — Mary Kate’s the one showing off her Prada style in a variety of ways, albeit with a hideous bag.  I know its Mary Kate, because the place where I got the picture from said so.


And that, ladies, gentlemen, and fashionistas, is why Prada Jean Bags, and why even the ugliest purses they have still endure.